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She Reveals Solutions for the ‘Hidden Homeless’

Many never turn to their personal networks because “there’s a huge shame factor,”

Christmas | Homeless Ministry

Join us in helping real people in need this Christmas!

A Bothell artist goes to homeless shelters with empty canvases, and leaves with art

“It can be easy to step in and just participate.” Then they add color.

Utah’s homeless experiment

But when he came to Utah to help bury his mother, he said his father “would ...

Salvation Army warns of winter deaths as homeless numbers rise

“Those people we help invariably have complex, multiple needs including relationship breakdown,,,

Schools fail to identify thousands of homeless children, state audit finds

Safety measures in place as major winter storm arrives in Southern California...

12-Year-Old Middle Schooler Has Helped Feed 9,000 Homeless People: 'I Want to Help Them All'

Symond, 12, was just 8 years old when he launched Share Hope USA...

Woman stops to help homeless, pregnant teen crying on side of road

Read more trending news Anna Szabo stopped to talk with Jami Curtis

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