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An Analysis of Bob Jones University’s Position Paper on Calvinism, Arminianism and Reformed Theology

Dr. Robert CongdonAs a follow-up to Lou Martuneac’s article of November 14, 2019

Real Christianity Explained | 1 blog Post - 2 Words

What a confusing topic, I Am not a professional writer however, I do have a unique perspective...

Accountable to God or Not?

If He was controlling just His own "elect" ...

Is the God of the Bible a Genocidal Maniac?

Armenia. Cambodia. Rawanda. Bosnia. Darfur. All well-known modern examples of genocide ,,,

Kanye West's rapping about Christianity should be celebrated not ridiculed

We are here to spread the gospel.‚ÄĚ According to some reports, Kanye will no longer record secular music.

This preacher nails it.

One of, if not the best sermon I have ever heard/

What is a denomination?

Another topic in the world of spirituality that can fry the brain is this, the whole issue of denominational loyalty.

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