Atlanta woman is coming to the aid of a teen in need after she spotted the 19-year-old crying on the side of the road.

Anna Szabo stopped to talk with Jami Curtis, a pregnant and homeless teen who she noticed was all alone.

"I saw a woman crying. She was very, very young. She looked at me and said, ‘I'm completely hopeless. I have nowhere to go,'" Szabo said.

But her act of kindness didn't end there.

Szabo asked for help through social media to get Curtis back on her feet and an outpouring of support flooded in. Curtis now has a roof over her head and a safe place to bring her newborn into the world.

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This woman (left) helped Jami Curtis (right), a pregnant homeless teen get back on her feet! The exclusive, heart warming story tonight at 11 on @wsbtv

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Curtis says she is a domestic violence victim and has been homeless for four months.

"I've been sleeping outside in the cold on the concrete. There's a lot of sex trafficking, so I was trying to protect myself from a lot of stuff," she said.

Szabo knows some of what Curtis is going through. She was homeless 10 years ago, so she took to Facebook and asked for help from homeless shelters.

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Nov 25, 2019

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