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Why join our community? 

If you wish to meet and make friends with like-minded people, learn and teach new things, share your experiences with others, get recognition, create value, interact with experts, be inspired and inspire others. Join our COMMUNITY!
We have some really important groups on this site that deserve real attention by real people, and the groups can change and grow!

Meet & make friends with like-minded people.

We invite those who have similar interests as the community itself. So you want to meet more people who question how christianity is today, have an interest in the homeless issues we all face, love a specific teacher or theology? Join our community for the same.

Get exposure.

Communities are usually run by passionate individuals who voluntarily come forward and take responsibility to work without receiving any monetary or otherwise returns. No good deed or positive contribution made by any individual ever goes unnoticed. Communities are all about learning, sharing and growing together.You never know whom you might impress with your contribution, skillset or personality. Anything is possible.

Share your knowledge & expertise.

Another great reason to join a community is that you’d get a platform to share your knowledge, experiences, expertise, and skill set with others and help them grow. There’s always something that you know but others don’t and they may find it helpful, teach them. Everybody can’t learn everything but you can always learn something from someone.

Find a mentor?

We all have heard or read this famous quote which goes like, “Every master was once a beginner.”, and it is very true. There may be some situation at some certain points of life when you may not know how to go about it? What to do? How to fix or solve it? That’s exactly where a mentor comes in. Mentors may even work like our guardian angels sometimes. They will teach you things that no school or university would have ever taught.

Advertising on our site and community? 

Whenever you buy one of our products, or otherwise contribute to our work, 100% percent of the profits are donated to Your Heart Our Hands, LLC ( 501c3 ). With each donation, YHOH puts efforts into helping people who are in tough spot on a case by case basis. .

It is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend life and fulfills my bigger mission to help people society has turned their back on.
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