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Why I have a personal blog. A focus on counterintuitive thinking.

Have you ever wondered what your passion in this life is supposed to be? I have, I have wondered for many years and pondered the very purpose of my existence. More than once by the way. I have spent so much time working on projects that have not only taught me a ton of valuable life lessons.

They have also yielded surreally life experiences. With that said, I have come to place where I honestly believe that life is often, as well as the systems that adhere to it are more often than not misperceived which is what has led me to this place.
A place where I can share my thoughts and let people ponder them. These perspectives that I am sharing in the space that I am sharing them are free from the inclinational demand of illogical response.

It's a place where I can express my thoughts clearly and give you the opportunity to chew on them. I do hope I can clearly articulate why my point of view is often rejected in a way that give you a personal insight into how I see the world . With a sincere hope that your mind is opened in a positive way.

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Being recognized as a highly motivated, visionary, and performance driven executive with over 20 years of success in developing highly successful and award winning programs we felt the need to share our experience. After many years of working with large companies, I saw a clear opportunity to help smaller companies accelerate growth using strategies that worked time and time again helping create long term profitable brands.

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Perspective is the pinnacle of under appreciated and misused gifts that God has given us. When you take the time to use it maturely, properly and gracefully your world will definitely change. I promise.
Sergio DeSoto
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